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Swedish History Museum

Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden

The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm has pieces ranging from the Stone Age to medieval times.

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24 Nov 2020

About Swedish History Museum

The Swedish History Museum (Historiska Museet) in Stockholm offers a comprehensive series of exhibitions for the period spanning from the Stone Age to the Medieval period.

Swedish History Museum history

The Swedish History Museum is the State Historical Museum in Stockholm. The museum was founded in 1866 and the construction of the current site took place between 1934 and 1939. From prehistoric artefacts to Viking displays and beyond, the Swedish History Museum offers an insight into ten thousand years of history.

One of the most striking exhibits at the Swedish History Museum is its “Gold Room’, a heavily fortified underground chamber housing around 52kg of gold ranging from Viking relics to pieces from the Middle Ages. It is also home to one of the world’s largest collection of Viking artefacts.

Although the Viking Age lasted only from around 800 to 1050, it still dominates many visitors view of Swedish and Scandinavian history.

Major themes within the museum include Viking society, the role of the aristocracy, interaction with other nations and the importance of religion and Nordic mythology that was eventually was replaced with Christianity. Displays include rune stones, clothing and jewellery, artefacts, and weapons, both for ceremonial and war use. A large model shows the development of Birka on Lake Mälaren, one of the first quasi-urban Viking communities and a major source of archaeological finds.

Swedish History Museum today

The museum offers audio guides in English, Swedish, French, German and Spanish, although these are on a first come first serve basis. These are not adapted for children, but the history trails in the Viking section are perfect for kids to follow.

The main permanent exhibitions are prehistory and the Vikings on the ground floor and on the upper floor the History of Sweden (from the 11th century onwards) with separate large medieval exhibitions of art, music and an infamous massacre. The impressive treasury is in the cellar.

Getting to the Swedish History Museum

The Swedish History Museum is located at Narvavägen in Stockholm, a short walk from Djurgårdsbron, Karlaplan and Östermalmstorg. To travel by bus, for bus 67 the nearest stop is Historiska museet and for buses 69 and 76, the stop is Djurgårdsbron. The nearest tram stop is Djurgårdsbron and for the underground, the stops are Karlaplan or Östermalmstorg.