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Welsh Regional Historical Museum

Gaiman, CHB, Argentina

About Welsh Regional Historical Museum

The Welsh Regional Historical Museum in the town of Y Gaiman, Patagonia, tells the story of the Welsh settlement of this region in the 19th century.

Gaiman itself is a small town in the valley of Chubut which was colonised by Welsh settlers – even today Welsh and Spanish are the two local languages. Welsh was forcefully discouraged during the Peron years and after, but is now making a resurgence. The town forms a key part of the Welsh settlement of Patagonia, also known as Y Wladfa Gymreig.

The Welsh Regional Historical Museum can be found in the former station house and contains many lovingly maintained relics of the settlement period including “Y ty Cyntaf” or “The First House”. It tells the story of these first settlers and explores the history of the Welsh community in the region.

Other sites to be found in Gaiman include the school, which proudly displays a desk presented by Lloyd George on an official visit, while the graveyard is a wonderful source of stories and histories.

Groups from the nearby town of Trelew, Gaiman and the Welsh settlements in the Andes are often to be met at the National Eisteddfod in Wales, and Trelew stages the huge annual Eisteddfod festival where Welsh traditional tunes are sometimes sung to South American rhythms. A great experience.