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Baimaguan Fort

Beijing, Beijing, China

About Baimaguan Fort

Baimaguan Fort is a fort in the village
of Fanzipai north of Beijing and close to the Great
Wall of China. It was built in the period of the Yongle emperor (1402-1424)
of the Ming Dynasty.

fort consisted of 500 guards and beacon towers and along with Qiangzilu
Fort and Gubeikou Fort, these forts offered additional defence
along China’s northern front.

of the original structure has remained, except for the south gate. It is an
arched gate, 120 meters wide and 80 meters deep. The characters Bai Ma Guan
Fort are inscribed on a stone tablet above the arch. The tablet is somewhat different
from those found at other forts, in that the four characters are arranged
vertically in two lines, “Bai Ma” on the right and “Guan
Bao” on the left. Baima means “white horse” in Chinese.