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Carthage National Museum

Tunis, Tunis, Tunisia

Sarah Roller

24 Jul 2021

About Carthage National Museum

Carthage National Museum – sometimes simply called Carthage Museum – is one of the most important museums in Tunis and contains a range of interesting exhibitions and artefacts from the Carthaginian and Roman periods.

History of the Carthage National Museum

Founded in 1875 by Cardinal Charles Martial Lavigerie after European archaeological excavations in the area, it was originally known as the Museum Levigerie and housed in an old monastery.

In 1956, the museum was renamed and re-opened in 1963 as a national museum. During the 1990s it underwent major restructuring and now has enough space to accommodate ongoing discoveries from the site of Carthage itself.

Carthage National Museum today

Amongst the many exhibits are displays examining life in ancient Carthage, the conflicts with the Roman Republic and the eventual destruction of the Punic city by Rome.

Also examined is the new Roman city and the Roman period itself as well as the story of Byzantine rule and the Arab conquest.

The museum includes a range of interesting finds, from jewellery, weaponry, tombs and funeral masks to Roman mosaics and day-to-day household items. Additionally, there is an interesting model of the Punic city. Look out for the 3rd century BC marble sarcophagus of a priest and priestess, discovered in Carthage’s necropolis.

Carthage National Museum is an excellent jumping off point for your exploration of the other sites of ancient Carthage, and provides stunning views over the ruins and the modern city.

Getting to Carthage National Museum

Carthage Museum is on the fringe of Carthage archaeological site, not far from Tunis. It’s about a 20 minute drive from the centre of Tunis to the site itself.

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