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Carthage Punic Port and Museum

Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia

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24 Nov 2020

About Carthage Punic Port and Museum

The Carthage Punic Port and Punic Port Museum can be found in the area of the ancient Carthaginian harbour near modern day Tunis.

This ancient superpower built its reputation on its mastery of the seas and the ancient Port of Carthage would have once help over two hundred of the most powerful warships of the time.

Originally destroyed after the Roman capture of the city in 146BC, it was later revives by the Romans themselves to serve the growing commercial needs of the now-Roman city of Carthage.

Today there are a handful of remains and ruins on the site as well as the small Punic Port Museum which has a number of models reconstruction what the Punic Port would have looked like in its prime.

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