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Fort Vallorbe

Vallorbe, Vaud, Switzerland

History Hit

24 Nov 2020

About Fort Vallorbe

Fort Vallorbe was a World War II artillery fort which had great strategic importance defending the Col de Jougne Pass as well as the Swiss-French border.

Construction of Fort Vallorbe, also known as Fortress Vallorbe and the Pre-Giroud Military Fort, began in 1937 and was completed in 1941. Above ground, all that is seen of Fort Vallorbe are three buildings, but underneath is another story.

Hewn out of the surrounding rock, Fort Vallorbe was built into a network of underground tunnels including accommodation, a hospital and munitions storage, all with air filtration. Indeed, these self-sufficient bunkers accommodated up to 200 men in 1945. These can be visited during the summer, with a variety of exhibits about Fort Vallorbe, its past and, for the military history buff, its weaponry including missile launchers, machine guns and cannons. Just remember to dress up warmly, even in the heat, as it can get quite cold within the fort itself.

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