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Grocers’ Hall

London, England, United Kingdom

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About Grocers’ Hall

Grocers’ Hall in the City of London, has been the home of the Grocers’ Guild since 1426. ⁠

Grocers’ Hall history

Whilst the majority of people who worked in the Medival Period were peasants, a significant community of merchants and tradesmen existed, the majority of whom belonged to one of the most powerful and influential groups in medieval Europe – the Guilds. ⁠

Guilds were associations of artisans and merchants who oversaw the practice of their craft or trade in a particular area. They were able to command prestige and power over medieval populations and membership of these organisations was extremely desirable. ⁠

The The Worshipful Company of Grocers, otherwise known as the Grocers’ Guild, which oversaw the trade in spices (one of the most expensive and important commodities in the Middle Ages) was an incredibly rich and powerful association as is very apparent by the opulence and grandour of Grocers’ Hall in London. ⁠

The Company was founded in the 14th Century as the Guild of Pepperers, which dates from 1180. The Company was responsible for maintaining standards for the purity of spices and for the setting of certain weights and measures. Its members included London’s pharmacists, who separated into the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries in 1617.

The guild was known as the Company of Grossers from 1373 until 1376 when it was renamed the Company of Grocers of London. In 1428, two years after founding its first hall in Old Jewry, the Company was granted a Royal Charter by King Henry VI. It is one of the Great Twelve City Livery Companies, ranking second in the Companies order of precedence after the Mercers’ Company.

Grocers’ Hall has managed to adapt to the challenges and changes in City life throughout its 600 year history. Over this time, Grocers’ Hall has seen plagues, the Great Fire of London, two World Wars and a fire that destroyed the Hall in 1965.

Grocers’ Hall today

⁠Today, the Grocers’ Company exists as a charitable, constitutional and ceremonial institution which plays a significant role in the election of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City of London. The Company’s motto is “God Grant Grace”. The Company also maintains banquet and conference facilities at Grocers’ Hall in Prince’s Street, next to the Bank of England.

Grocers’ Hall is a venue that offers a flexible range of spaces for all types of corporate events; from Lunch Presentations, Conferences and Seminars.

Getting to Grocers’ Hall

Grocers’ Hall is situated in the heart of the City of London in a private courtyard opposite the Bank of England, a 1-minute walk to Bank Underground Station. Taking public transport is advised as parking around this location is extremely limited.