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Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Tung Lo Wan, Hong Kong, China

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a museum about the culture and history of this territory.

Antara Bate

24 Nov 2020

About Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is dedicated to the history and culture of this territory. In an exhibition about the “new territories”, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum uses artwork, artefacts, multimedia displays and documents to chronicle six thousand years of the region’s past.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum also shows a collection of Chinese art dating back as far as the third century BC as well as an exhibit about the Cantonese Opera.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum history

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum opened in December 2000 and covers 32,000 square meters with 12 exhibition galleries. The museum presents a mix of history, art and culture.

It is a multi-disciplined museum that explores the unique cultures of Hong Kong, with special focuses on local living and creative cultures such as design, photography, popular culture, Cantonese opera and intangible cultural heritage.

The museum has paid special attention to the study and collection of relics from the New Territories. In collaboration with the Heung Yee Kuk, the museum launched the New Territories Relics Collection Campaign in 1993, which received an enthusiastic response resulting in over 5,000 items being collected. The museum has now assembled over 20,000 items, mainly in the form of donations from residents in the New Territories.

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum also manages three special branch museums, namely Sam Tung Uk Museum, Sheung Yiu Folk Museum and Hong Kong Railway Museum. The former two museums, which were originally Hakka villages, feature the rural life of the old days. The last one, originally a railway station, tells the story of Hong Kong’s railway transportation.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum today

The museum has galleries displaying permanent exhibitions as well as 6 galleries that regularly show temporary thematic exhibitions. The exhibitions are designed to entertain and enlighten in linen with their mission to preserve, study, present and interpret Hong Kong’s diverse cultures, with special emphasis on living heritage and creative culture and connect Hong Kong people with world cultures.

The museum also puts on activities for children and provides guided tours with resources specially designed so that visitors can get the most out of their visit to the museum.

Getting to Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Set on the Shing Mun River in Sha Tin, northeast of Central, Hong Kong’s Heritage Museum is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and the notable architectural style mimics traditional courtyard style si he yuan homes. The museum is around 5 minutes walk from Che Kung Temple station and 15 minutes walk away from Sha Tin Station.


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