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St Peter’s Cathedral – Geneva

Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

St Peter’s Cathedral is a famed cathedral in Geneva dating back to the 12th century with an adjoining archaeological site.

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About St Peter’s Cathedral – Geneva

St. Peter’s Cathedral (Cathedrale St-Pierre) is a famed cathedral in Geneva dating back to the 12th century.

History of St Peter’s Cathedral – Geneva

Originally begun sometime around 1160 and completed in 1260, St. Peter’s Cathedral would undergo several incarnations. In particular, whilst the original builders of St. Peter’s Cathedral adorned it with ornate and lavish decorations and ornaments, following the Reformation in the mid-16th century, this was significantly toned down. Indeed, today, St. Peter’s Cathedral can be described as austere.

Significantly, St. Peter’s Cathedral actually played an important role in the Reformation, it being from its pulpit that John Calvin preached about Protestantism. His chair can be viewed there.

St Peter’s Cathedral – Geneva today

Visitors who tour St. Peter’s Cathedral can still see some traces of the site’s onetime grandeur in its stained glass windows as well as in the 15th century Chapel of the Maccabees, which has been restored. There is also the opportunity to climb the cathedral towers for great views.

In addition to the current incarnation of St. Peter’s Cathedral, there are the archaeological remains of two earlier churches, once dating to the 11th century, the other to the 4th, both visible next to it today.

Today, the Cathedral is occasionally rented out for concerts. There is no entrance fee for the St. Peter’s Cathedral. During the visit you’ll be able to climb the 157 steps of the towers leading to the top of the Cathedral. Visitors will also discover magnificent architectural treasures – an emblematic symbol of the Reformation.

Getting to St Peter’s Cathedral – Geneva

St Peter’s Cathedral lays at the very heart of the city of Geneva. It is only a 10 minute walk from the University fo Geneva’s main city campus and the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire. The nearest available parking is Parking du Mont Blanc (a 5-minute walk away from the site).

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