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The Bibi-Khanym Mosque

Samarkand, Samarqand Region, Uzbekistan

About The Bibi-Khanym Mosque

The Bibi-Khanym Mosque in Samarkand in Uzbekistan was originally constructed by Timur (1369-1405), a warrior and Mongol leader who ruled this important Silk Road city.

Timur, who is also known as Tamerlane, built many beautiful monuments and structures in Samarkand, using traditional glazed ceramic tiles in ornate geometric shapes. The Bibi-Khanym Mosque was no exception.

A vast structure crowned by a blue dome and overlooking a courtyard, the Bibi-Khanym Mosque was built by Timur for his wife between 1399 and 1405. Much of the Bibi-Khanym Mosque was destroyed in an earthquake in the nineteenth century and has since been reconstructed.