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Bermuda Railway Trail

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24 Nov 2020

About Bermuda Railway Trail

The Bermuda Railway Trail is the linear park that is all that remains of the old Bermuda Railway, which ran from 1931 to 1948.

Having banned the use of cars in the early 20th century, the question of internal transportation led to the creation of the Bermuda Railway. The 22-mile-long Bermuda Railway service served Bermuda from 1931 to 1948. Ultimately however, the high maintenance costs and low profits left the railway in a poor state and it was finally closed, to be replaced by a bus service.

Today, all that remains is the Bermuda Railway Trail, which provides Bermudians and visitors alike with a wonderful, alternative way to see the country. Visitors can view an array of interesting sites along the trail, including Riddell’s Bay Station and Gibbs' Hill Lighthouse – reportedly the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world.

While signposts are not always clear, almost all of the old right of way for the Bermuda Railway Trail is still open and is used by walkers, cyclists and other enthusiasts.