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About Byrsa Hill

Byrsa Hill forms part of the Archaeological site of Carthage and contains a number of interesting historical places to explore.

Once the ancient citadel of this powerful city, Byrsa Hill was the military centre of ancient Carthage and was besieged and destroyed by the Romans in 146BC. However, when the Romans rebuilt the city Byrsa Hill remained central to their administration and a number of important public buildings were constructed on the site.

Today, the principle attractions to see on Byrsa Hill are the Carthage National Museum and the ruins of the ancient Punic city – known as the Punic Quarter.

The museum contains a wealth of exhibitions and information about the history of Carthage, while the Punic Quarter – sometimes called “Hannibal’s neighbourhood” contains the ruins of a Carthaginian residential neighbourhood, complete with street grids and houses and a series of Punic tombs.

Also to be found on Byrsa Hill is the impressive 19th century St Louis Cathedral. Byrsa Hill features as one of our Top Tunisian Attractions.