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Tsentralen, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

About Philippopolis

Philippopolis, in the modern city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was an ancient city ruled by Thracians, Macedonians and Romans, all of whom have left their mark on this historic city.

Originally the Thracian city of Eumolpins, Philip of Macedon pushed out the Thracians and founded his namesake city in 342 BC.

The city saw various periods of conflict and was conquered several times over the centuries. There was a little back and forth between the Greeks and Thracians until Rome eventually conquered the area.

The later Roman period saw the construction of a typical city with portos (gates) and a beautiful theater. On an adjacent hill an ancient Thracian fort still stands with some help from later Roman architects who rebuilt the walls.

Other key sites to be found in Plovdiv include Plovdiv Ancient Forum and Plovdiv Roman Stadium.