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Tematin Castle

District of Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Region of Trencin, Slovakia

Tematin Castle is a picturesque ruined medieval fortress near the modern towns of Hrádok and Lúka in Slovakia.

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About Tematin Castle

The relatively isolated, picturesque ruins of the Tematin Castle in western Slovakia are all that remains of this 13th century stronghold.

History of Tematin Castle

Located in the mountains to the east of the modern towns of Hrádok and Lúka, Tematin was probably built in the second half of the 13th century as part of the wider defences of the Kingdom of Hungary.

However, rather than a foreign enemy, the castle was soon to see action in a Hungarian civil war between the famous Hungarian king Bela IV and his son Stephen. Bela tried to conquer the castle but Michal, who led the defence, managed to hold out against the king’s forces. Once Stephen became king in 1272, the castle was given to Michal for his loyalty.

It is thought that Tematin was overhauled in the early 16th century and continued to play an important defensive role. However, during a rebellion calling for greater Hungarian independence, a devastating attack by the forces of the Habsburg rulers left the castle in ruins and it remains in this state to this day.

Tematin Castle Today

Today the site of Tematin contains the pretty ruins of the castle as well as offering excellent views of the area. A volunteer student group are active at the site working to shore up and restore this medieval ruin.

Getting to Tematin Castle

Reaching the isolated castle is not for the faint-hearted. Access is only on foot from the holiday resort below the mountain Bezovec by following the blue hiking marks. This route takes around an hour and a half and is very scenic.


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