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Amalienborg Slot

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

Amalienborg Slot is an eighteenth century royal palace in north Copenhagen.

About Amalienborg Slot

Amalienborg Slot (Palace) in northern Copenhagen is a Rococo style palace originally constructed under the orders of King Frederik V.

History of Amalienborg Slot

Made up of four externally similar buildings built around a central courtyard, Amalienborg Slot was completed in 1760. The first residents of the palace were not royals, but rather wealthy families. However, in 1749, Amalienborg Slot became a  palace after Christiansborg Slot was destroyed in a fire and the royal family bought it from the families living there. An architect was brought in to add colonnades between some of the palaces.

The four buildings are divided into Christian IX’s Palace, Christian VII’s Palace, Christian VIII’s Palace (now the Amalienborg Museum) and Frederik VIII’s Palace. The palaces still remain very much in use, and remains the home of the Danish Royal Family. It’s guarded accordingly by the Royal Life Guards and a changing of the guard ceremony happens daily at noon.

Amalienborg Slot today

Visitors can tour parts of Amalienborg Slot, viewing royal collections and objects as well as enjoying the palace’s Rococo architecture, including the ornate Knight’s Chamber. The palace is open daily between June and September and irregularly the rest of the year – it’s best to check precise hours before going.

The entrance hall of the palace is also fascinating, having been restored to its eighteenth century state. In the central courtyard, the sculpture of Frederik V is understood to have been as expensive to create as Amalienborg Slot itself.

Getting to Amalienborg Slot

Amalienborg Slot is in the centre of Copenhagen, right by the harbour. The nearest metro station is Marmorkirken, a 4 minute walk away and next to Frederikskirke (the Marble Church). Otherwise, like everywhere in Copenhagen, bike or foot is the best bet on getting here swiftly and easily. Nyhaven and Charlottenborg are a 5 minute walk away.

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