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Kastel Gomilica

Kastela, Grad Kastela, Croatia

One of the seven castle settlements developed around the town of Kastela, a beautiful 20km stretch of the Dalmatian coast between Trogir and Split, Kaštel Gomilica is best known as the Game of Thrones filming location of Braavos, the most powerful and richest of the Free Cities.

Antara Bate

24 Nov 2020
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About Kastel Gomilica

Kaštel Gomilica is one of seven castle settlements built in the 15th and 16th centuries to protect a 20km stretch of stunning Dalmatian coast and the town of Kaštela from the threat of Ottoman invasion. It worked. The Turks never got this far and the castles remain there today for your viewing pleasure.

Kastel Gomilica history

Gomilica is the second of seven castles, the other six are Sućurac, Kambelovac, Lukšić (the only one you can enter), Stari, Novi and Štafilić and they are all worth visiting but the fort at Kaštel Gomilica is top of the list for fans of the filming locations of Game of Thrones. It doubled as Braavos, the most powerful and richest of the Free Cities – do you remember the scene from season five where Arya Stark sells oysters from a cart? Kaštel Gomilica.

Benedictine nuns from Split built Kaštel Gomilica in the 1520s on a tract of land bequeathed to them by King Zvonimir of Croatia in 1078.

Kastel Gomilica today

Outside of the major cities, Kaštela is considered to be a taste of the real Croatia with less ‘tourists’ and more ‘cultural travellers’.

It’s a perfect spot for ocean-side walks with views of Ciovo and Split and exploring the narrow allies and there’s a plethora of cafés, restaurants, shops and amenities as well as daily markets selling fresh vegetables and fish straight out the ocean.

The site also featured as a filming location for Game of Thrones.

Getting to Kastel Gomilica

The site is around half an hour drive from Split and the nearest station is Kaštel Gomilica.

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