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War Photo Limited

Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva, Croatia

War Photo Limited is a powerfully curated museum of the photography of war and conflict.

Antara Bate

22 May 2021
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About War Photo Limited

War Photo Limited is a powerfully curated museum of the photography of war and conflict. It has a permanent exhibit dedicated to the wars of Yugoslavia, as well as serving its mission of expelling all myths of war through the photography of other conflicts too.

War Photo Limited history

War Photo limited was opened in 1990 by the New Zealand photojournalist Wade Goddard who specialised in photographs from war zones and areas of conflict around the world. Goddard extensively documented the Croatian-Serbian War of 1991 from Yugoslavia.

The permanent collection shows images from the break-up of the former Yugoslavia. These iconic images were taken by some of the most renowned photojournalists of the time and cover the wars in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. Some multi-media videos also complement this collection. The stark images strip away Hollywood’s gloss on war and provide a view of human conflict in the modern age that is brutal and courageous.

War Photo Limited today

The intention of War Photo Limited is to present the public with a view of the reality of war. In doing so, they hope to expose the myth of war by honing in on how war inflicts injustice on innocent people and combatants alike. They are working to make the disease of war understandable by highlighting how intolerance, violence and nationalistic idealisms lead to conflict. War Photo Limited declare themselves to have no political agenda. Its mission is to collect, exhibit and sell the best work that is out there. Due to this, there are works displayed that may be disturbing and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

There are free guidebooks available at the ticket desk that provide a description of each of the photographs displayed. The museum is closed in the winter months between November and March.

Getting to War Photo Limited

The museum is located in Old Town Dubrovnik and is accessible by bus.

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