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Heroes’ Square


Heroes Square is an important plaza in Budapest built to celebrate the founding of Hungary.

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About Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square (Hősök tere) is an iconic plaza in Budapest housing a monument built in 1869 to celebrate the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of Hungary in 869AD.

History of Heroes’ Square

The central feature of Heroes’ Square is the Millennial Monument (Millenáriumi Emlékmű), which was commissioned in 1896 to mark the foundation of the Hungarian State through the Magyar conquest of the Carpathian Basin. This was not the only building project undertaken at this time: Andrássy Avenue was also expanded and the first metro line was added to the city.

By 1900, the majority of the square’s construction was completed, and it was dubbed Heroes’ Square for the first time. In 1906 it was officially inaugurated

The Millennial Monument, consists of a semicircle of Doric columns, several statues representing important historical Hungarian figures and an obelisk crowned with a statue of the Archangel Gabriel. Spaces were left for future members of the Habsburg dynasty, who at that point in time ruled Hungary. During the Second World War, the monument was damaged and during rebuilding, the Habsburg figures were replaced by contemporary political figures.

Also located at Heroes Square is the Hungarian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is marked by a stone cenotaph surrounded by an iron chain. Unlike its European counterparts, there are no human remains interred there.

Heroes’ Square today

The square remains a focal point in Budapest and celebrations, ceremonies and the occasional protest are known to take place here. It’s a popular place for tourists to visit in the summer, and its giant proportions remain impressive.

Getting to Heroes’ Square

Hősök tere metro station opens out onto the square, making it easy to access from anywhere in the city. The Szchenyi baths are located in the park beyond the square. Heroes’ Square is about 30 minutes walk from the Parliament buildings – not far, but it can be hot and sweaty in the summer.

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