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Porvoo Cathedral

Porvoo, Southern Finland, Finland

About Porvoo Cathedral

Porvoo Cathedral (Porvoon Tuomiokirkko) is a 15th century Gothic-style church which became a cathedral in 1723.

The first incarnation of Porvoo Cathedral was actually begun in the 13th century and, whilst parts of this survive to this day, its current look mostly dates back to 1414-1418, when it was rebuilt. Over the centuries, Porvoo Cathedral has suffered numerous destructive events including a fire in 2006, which devastated its roof, since repaired.

In 1809, Porvoo Cathedral played an important role in the nation’s history as the opening site of Finland’s first Diet in which the country was affirmed as an autonomous Grand Duchy. This site also features as one of our Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Finland.